I'm writing this new story, it's pretty bad, it's turning into a horrible soap opera style of a story. I'm really excited about it though because it looks like the first story that I'll actually finish writing that's not for school. Well I have this friend that calls me everyday to find out what happens next in the story. We're on the phone for a little while, let's say like 2 hours. That's long then I guess. Well when she calls me back later, after 5:30pm she tells me that her sister is really upset with her. I can hear her little sister screaming in the background. Then I get the story.

It turns out that her cousin had been trying to call her forever, they don't have call waiting so he just kept getting the busy signal. He's in the entertainment business and he was calling so he could get her little sister to go down to the mall to meet him so he could introduce her to Angelina Jolie who was filming there from 2:30 - 5:30pm at the local Burger King. Angelina Jolie is my friend's Hero/Idol/Goddess, her room is covered in her pictures. Well he finally go through the phone later after they had left and he told my friend.

Well now you see why she's so upset, she was screaming and crawling into corners and attacking my friend. You know if it happened to me I think I would do the exact same thing, but then again I have call waiting. But I could've been at Starbucks like I am everyday. I called my other friend about this to tell her that I felt bad about it. My friend was laughing at first but then I told her, what if it happened to her and it was John Malkovich or Kevin Spacey, then my friend started screaming.

I then continued to tell Rex Mundi the story I was writing, but I told her briefly. She started using a crazy voice that I've heard before and I was like what? She starts screaming and tells me to tell her more about my story, I refuse at first but then I eventually continue. She then accuses me of raping her mind and spying on her life. Which never happened because I thought up the story out of nowhere the other day when I was sitting outside and talking to the first friend I mentioned in this write up on the phone. So there was no possible way. Now I'm all upset because my story is completely unoriginal now, just completely! RAWR!