Synchronicity do you believe in it? I don't even know if I spelled it correctly. I'm not sure I believe it in it, more likely I don't. I think I hate it. Coincidences, just way too weird, frequent, yet not.

So lo and behold I was driving to a friend's place, and who did I have to stop the car for so they can cross the street and go for their jog? Yes, it's bike girl. Strange I am rarely ever in that area and the times that I do go I see her. It makes me angry. She dropped class so I thought I would never see her again. Well I wasn't even sure if she dropped the course, I just didn't see her in class for a while, and then she didn't show up for the midterm so I decided that she probably did. I was mad because I wanted to drop the course too because of the late time that I could spend doing something else. Bleh!

My friend says it's synchronicity we're meant to be together, and I ask why to another friend and she screams, you're in love that's why. Haha.

I take the destructive approach and thought that I should rather have hit her with the car so I really wouldn't have to see her again. Or just to hit her before she hits me with her bike like the other times before where it almost happened.

Rawr! I have no idea what's going on.... It's just way to weird and it disturbs me.