What can I say? I got up this morning in a really cheery mood, everything was going great, EVERYTHING! The whole day was being wonderful UNTIL!!!!

I can be quoted as having a bad temper and hold grudges for a long time. And this time it really wasn't the person's fault, but I'm just so bloody pissed off. And when I got home I picked up the phone to call a friend and realized that the buttons are making different sounds. The pitch is different and this had made me even angrier. My roommate has been using my phone, he never uses his own because it doesn't work, it makes a fuzzy noise, he could've brought it back on the first day he got it but he never did so he always takes mine out of my room and never puts it back in. Of course over Reading Break I wasn't home. He never put it back on the recharger as I pick it up to use it, it beeps telling me it's running low on batteries. That has never happened to me before since I use the phone a lot and never put it back it has never beeped on me. But that's not what made me angry. And my phone is getting dirtier and dirtier never cleans it.

I was sooo happy today, I just have a bad temper. I get coffee, the long awaited coffee that I have been craving for since morning. I get a venti iced chai at starbucks at school right after visiting Sofie, it's a long walk I speed walk to meet up with Nici, I get it. speed walk back to the chan center for film class so we won't be late. I have barely drunken anything from it like it's still full. Just a cm drunken from the top. I put it down on one of those tables on those chairs and go to the washroom. My friend comes in when I come out she tells me. "Someone spilled your coffee". Just made me so bloody angry!!!!!!!! God so I was outside of the room jumping up and down in utter frustration, I didn't care that there were still people coming in. You know how expensive they are and I'm broke right? Well I go in and the girl is cleaning it up and my friend comes in cleaning it up. The girl is like I'll buy you another one I feel so bad. And I'm like no it's okay because you know it was an accident her backpack hit it. I just acted really nice and smiled the whole time. Nici who isn't even in the class noticed that I was mad because I don't usually smile at all and she even started cleaning which she really didn't have to do and she ended up going out of the room and throwing out all of the paper towels. I got angry and took one and wiped the floor clean too saying I think it's Clean NOW. I was also mad because it got all over my backpack which I just washed because fucking Gatorade was spilled all over it too!

But OH MY GOD I'm so pissed and now just picking up my phone and hearing the different tone for my phone makes me angry. My roommate should use his own fucking phone even if it doesn't work he bought the fucking thing my phone is like getting dirtier and stuff because he keeps using it, when I was away he just took it out of my room and didn't put it back. I'm so pissed!

Yes this is a rant, I'm sorry. But I have to vent it to get rid of it, since there isn't anything for me to physically destroy at the moment that I won't get into too much trouble over.