I was at home, but it wasn't my home. The year was like, well a few days before the attack on Pearl Harbour. Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett just left to join the army or something. Kate Beckinsale was talking to Ben Affleck about why they didn't get married, but both of them are confessing their love to each other. Don't bash me if I'm wrong, I haven't seen the movie yet, this is just how it went in my dream. Well that was the intro to my dream, it never really carried on into the rest of my dream.

Instead I just got into special ops/cop/FBI or something and I just got a partner who was my senior though and he was still showing everything to me. Kate Beckinsale was like the motherly/sisterly figure at home. I had a mission to complete, it was my first one so I left home and I think that's what made Kate so sad because everyone left her.

Well the mission went by really fast and I couldn't really remember what happened. All I knew was that I was in another city and I was heading towards a hotel building that my friend was staying in. When I went in her dad and another friend was in there with her. Her dad and her were watching television (the new Panasonic wide screen HDTV that they got) while the other friend was playing a game on the computer, but instead of controlling it from the outside with a mouse and keyboard she was actually in the game playing it. My friend had played the game before that's why she was watching tv but my other friend hadn't and she was screaming because she kept dying by doing the wrong thing. (Reminiscent of the time when we played Phantasmagoria with Rex Mundi -- being the only one who hasn't played -- we made Rex Mundi control it and see what would happen. Needless to say there was multiple variations of death). In this game the murderer comes out of nowhere when you do something wrong and stabs you with a needle full of poison or something. The state of my friend's character was, she stepped in a puddle of blood and had blood on her shirt and was freaking out so she was looking for something to wipe it off.

We did some walking around the city and I mentioned how there was a couple that has been standing around the same spot making out for like the whole day. Over 12 hours and we laugh. I don't know why I even noticed that. But I think I began to suspect them as spies because I think I was on another mission but I had forgotten the goal and specifics of the mission. When I went back to see the couple, they were gone. I then became rather confused and wandered around the city when I jolted awake.