One of the chief SONS OF GOD who came to earth and was corrupted by cohabitation. Azazel (whose name means "God strengthens") brought aggression (by teaching men to make swords and shields) and vanity (by teaching women how to use cosmetics). The Book of Enoch cites Azazel as among twenty-one chiefs of two hundred fallen angels.

In Judaic lore, Azazel figures prominently in folktales, along with another fallen angel, SEMYAZA (Shemhazaj). He is sometimes described as demonic in appearance, with seven serpent heads, fourteen faces and twelve wings.

In one source of Islamic lore, Azazel refuses to bow down to Adam, and so God casts him out of heaven and changes him into IBLIS. In the Qur'an though it says that his name was first Iblis, then changed to Shaytan after he was thrown out of heaven