Additional Israeli Slang:

בלבולי ביצים ללא תכלית - Bilbulei Beitzim Lelo Tahlit - Bullshit, babbling, rambling without a purpose. Rarely used in it full form but often used as it's acronym.

בבל"ת - Bablat - Acronym for Bilbulei Beitzim Lelo Thalit.

לך תחפש ת'חברים שלך - Leh Te'Ha'Pes TaHaverim Shal'Ha - Go seek your friends. A phrase used to shoo or drive away a person.

לך תחפש - Leh Te'Ha'Pes - Go seek. A shorter form for the previous phrase.

תשב בלול - Teshev BaLul - Sit in the playpen. This phrase means that a person should butt out and not intervene i.e. in the conversation, argument, discussion, etc.

אני בנק למסחר - Ani Bank LeMis'Har - I'm the Trading Bank. A recent addition to Hebrew slang. A reference to a bank scandal after which the bank went bankrupt. Means that the person saying the phrase is broke - he or she has no more money left to give to purchase something or especially to return a debt.

רסיסים לריסים - Resisim LaRisim - Ricochets to the eyebrows. Like Pzazot LaRisim only it rhymes.

קאסם שניים לשיניים - Kasem Shnaim LaShinaim - Kasem two to the teeth. The Kasem two is a short-range rocket that the Palestinians use to bombard Israeli territories. This is often used with the Ptzatzot LaGabot, Resisim LaRisim. It simply means something that is cool.

לא רואה ממטר - Lo Ro'E MiMeter - Can't see from a meter. Quite literal. Means that a person cannot see something that is right in front of him or her.

לעבוד בצומת - Laavod BaTzomet - To work at the junction. Means to work as a prostitute and look for job at places where drivers stop, such as junctions.

בלעת מילון - Balata Milon - Did you swallow a dictionary? Asked to degrade a person using florid language.

שרשר - SharShar - A distortion of the Hebrew word for a necklace (Sharsheret), means a large, tacky, cheap gold necklace, often with a large golden medallion hanged on it.

גורמט - Gormet - See SharShar.

ערס - Arse - Doesn't quite translate to English. The meaning of the slang word is much like the English word arse. A person, usually male, who wears clothing in bright colors, listens to arabic and trance music and behaves generally like a jerk.

פרחה - Fre'Ha - A bimbo, ditzy. A woman that wears skimpy clothes with bright colors, high platform shoes and has many piercings. She also usually gives the impression of low intelligence and often speaks bad Hebrew. Promiscuity is often associated with them. It's male counterpart is usually the Arse rather then the Freh.

פרח - Freh- A male bimbo. The male version of the Fre'Ha