The perceived presence of choice does not necessarily mean that you are in fact free to decide. The best analogy that I can make is to think of life as a play, written by some "Higher Power". To the observer of this play, each character (that's us) is presented with a situation and has a series of choices to make based on that situation. Only, they don't really make any choices, because all of their decisions have been predetermined by the script.

While it is a subject of great and heated debat as to whether such a celestial play-wright can\does exist, if you'll concede that such a being does inhabit the universe and that he\she\it does happen to be all-powerful then it would seem to me that it would also be reasonable to think that all things that happen on Earth are scripted and that we have no real choice in the matter.

However, if you chose to deny the existence of such a being sitting back and watching how clever he\she\it is, then it would also be reasonable to think that we are truly the masters of our own destiny

The point is that, there really is no way to tell, with 100% irrefutable certainty that humans have been blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective of the world) with the freedom to make their own path in the universe.