Some of us live on the internet, unsure if our time is spent in a place of fiction, unsure if it is real. We judge ourselves, sometimes based on our reality, sometimes on our perception of another's. We start to doubt things, we doubt fact, we ponder fiction. We become confused, looking for the truth... The truth is real, the truth lies in reality.

If we do not know the truth, are we not in reality? What is the line between fact and fiction? Philosophy, Science, Religion. All will tell you the truth. But they will all tell you different truths. They all claim fact; and yet none have answers to our greatest questions. (42) Some will tell you those questions are irrelevant, some say you already know the answer. This leaves you to decide what is real... What is your reality.

Reality therefore, is a decision, and different for every cognizant being. There is a driving force, that keeps order in the multitude of realities. To some, vampires are real, to most, they are fiction. There is no proof they exist, only those that have seen them. But this is not real to most, and those that it is, are labeled crazy. There is a reason behind this. And that, is Science. Logic and Science define humankind's reality. They are the best adapted way of thought. Realities spread, like organisms, given time, the best will survive.