I lie in the grass staring into a fractured sky. A dark liquid pours out of the shattered moon, as tar envelopes the clouds. Slowly it spreads, hiding the immortal stars behind it. I turn into the grass, clutching onto it for security. I close my eyes.

Something is changing... My haven is receding. The grass turns brown, and withers into the ground. The soft flesh of the earth turns from brown to grey, as it hardens into concrete. I scan my surroundings for comfort. I find none. As I lie motionless, I stare into the absolute blackness of the sky.

A foul stench fills my nostrils, as I gather myself from slumber. Still, I lie alone, in a desert of stone. I begin to run, searching for the cause of the odor. I stumble, but never land.

... Its 12:17 P.M. my dog has shit next to my door, and next to my computer, and I... I am lying on the ground, two feet from my door. My dog, on my bed, asleep.