Nobody's noded graboid!?!?!? Okay, well then...(rolls up sleeves)

A graboid is a subterranean Evil Nasty Beast that occasionally ventures up to the surface and nabs unsuspecting humans, dogs, cats, radios, cars, what-have-you. They are a creation of the movie Tremors, starring Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon. There's a sequel named Tremors 2: Aftershocks that's actually not bad, and has Fred Ward again (Does this guy ever turn down a part?) reprising his role from the first one.


  • See by infrared
  • Aren't too bright, but are clever
  • Eat anything
  • Have armor plate scales that can withstand 'average, wimp gun' fire. Burt, a character in both, has a small arsenal in the basement that may save the day, however...
  • May have been on the planet longer than us.