I've always wanted to implement this system to improve the content of advertising in general. Not at the high end, but to at least raise the dregs up to something that doesn't cause me to involuntarily clench my fists and start looking around glaringly for something to choke. It works as follows. Over the course of a year, the public is allowed to vote, using the awesome power of the web, for their most hated commercial. Then, at the end of the year (or once a year, anyway) the commercial with the most negative votes is announced. Of the people that voted for that commercial, one random lucky winner is given an all-expenses-paid trip with legal indemnity to a place where everyone who had anything to do with that commercial has been brought. They then get to punch as many of these folk as they'd like, on television, no more than once each but as hard as they like.

You could have variants, like if the number of negative votes for the 'winning' ad was higher than a certain amount, the winner got to pick a proxy puncher to bring with them. For a higher amount, that proxy could be Mike Tyson.

There's a small chance this would cause the perpetrators and purveyors of this incredibly annoying shite to be a tad more careful about putting at least some thought into an ad and not trying to have it work by annoying us to the point that we can't stop thinking about it.