One of my favorite lyrics is his: "send lawyers, guns and money/Dad, get me out of this." Shades of Midnight Express. Zevon's icon, at least for a bit, was a skull wearing sunglasses with a cigarette. At the time, when I saw him live, I was struck by how much he resembled it. An absolutely incredible (IMHO) songwriter/musician, and even decent singer in the way Dylan is not. When people ask me who he is and why they should listen, rather than mention Werewolves of London I pull out the album Sentimental Hygiene and have them look through the list of guest musicians on the album, which includes some pretty heavy hitters.

More random Zevon lyrics:

Zevon was also part of the Hindu Love Gods, along with REM.

Update: Warren Zevon passed away at his home on Sunday, September 7th, 2003, of lung cancer, at the age of 56. May there be cigarettes available where he goes (he had quit).