Heeheehee. This movie exemplifies the zen of badflique. Fred Ward is the other guy. The monsters in question are named graboids just before the gent that names them gets graboided. Perhaps the best thing about this flick is that the sequel is even watchable! In the sequel Tremors II: Aftershocks a Mexican oil company starts losing men and gear near a drilling base in the Mexican center. Finally, enough data is gathered to show that the culprits are...you guessed it...graboids! They send a rep. north to hire Fred Ward and another, younger handy man to take care of 'em. The resultant silliness is an excellent video cure for a rainy day

Favorite line from the second film: Ward and protege are eating lunch on a large boulder. A portable radio plays Mexican music nearby. Suddenly there is a violent shaking and rumbling; all of a sudden, the radio gets really muffled and then fades away entirely along with the rumbling.

Ward: You left the radio on the ground?

Young Guy: I...forgot.

On another note, the graboids resemble my mental image of EDB more than anything else I've come across...