The Long Run (originally published in September 1989) is, according to its author Daniel Keys Moran, a 'tale of the Continuing Time.' It is a novel about a young man named Trent the Thief, set in the near future in a world where the U.N. got guns and took over. It is the story of Trent's acquisition of the epithet Trent the Uncatchable.

It's also my favorite vision of a ubiquitous computing network as offered in science fiction.

In the book, the phrase Long Run is used to describe an event held by an organization nicknamed the Speedfreaks, where a convoy of members sets out to fly their personal aircars around the world nonstop. The primary purpose is to protest the outlawing of human-driven vehicles.

At least one person on the internet avers that DKM invented the notion of the denial-of-service attack in this book.

It is available for free download, these decades after its publication, at along with its prequel Emerald Eyes and its sequel The Last Dancer. I recommend reading The Long Run first unless you're sure you're going to read all three. Emerald Eyes doesn't lose much for being read second, and The Long Run is, I think, a much better book.

Daniel Keys Moran now maintains a website where he and other authors (Matthew Woodring Stover, Steve Perry, etc.) sell ebooks, at These include the fourth book in the Trent/Continuing Time series, The A.I. War.