Teotihuacán is also the name of a piece of music composed and performed by Noel Gallagher, produced by him and Mark Coyle. It was presented to the world as a track on the motion picture soundtrack release for the film The X-Files: Fight the Future.

It is quite aptly placed. The track, which stretches just over seven minutes, opens with the sounds of wind, rain and thunder, muffled slightly as though by distance. The tune begins with a simple repeating melody; it sounds a bit like a Rhodes electric piano. Gradually, it is joined by drum loops and other more complex chorded versions of itself.

The song does not change much, over its progression, save to layer atmospherics and vary the complexity of the underlying loops. Nevertheless, I personally find it a quite powerful piece of ambient music. The label ambient is in itself not complete; there are elements of ambient, straight techno, and drum & bass.

It fits perfectly on the X-Files soundtrack, displaying as it does a sort of incomplete picture of what sounds (acoustically) like a much larger place than the listener is being allowed into. The reverb of the music components, and the ethereal whispering of the elemental components (as well as the occasional echoed resonance of a bump chord) all point towards the listener standing in a pool of sound and light in the midst of an unknowable, enormous dark space - the City of the Dead, where men become Gods.