The piece of news from today that will stick freakishly in my head is, natch, not about The Biphallic Edefii. Nope nope. That is too big to cope with.

In the Metro, a 'commuter newspaper' that I read on the subway on the way to work, there is a small item with the header (in bold type) CRIME, credited to the Spanish news service Diario Informacion. In terse, journalistic shorthand, it notes that in Spain, five people (a Frenchman, a British couple, and two Swiss tourists) have been arrested in a park. Their crime: filming themselves having an orgy. The article goes on to conclude by noting that the police were upset to find that the fivesome were undismayed by their arrest, and continued (presumably where they'd left off) in the back of the police van in which they had been incarcerated.

The term 'European Union' will never be the same again.