Further Update: Apparently the Right Honorable Rev. Larry Love has passed away, last Sunday night (Oct. 7th, 2001), from complications due to cancer. A friend of mine passed on the notice, along with the note that the 1369 coffeehouse (Larry's favorite venue) is purchasing a Revolutionary War Soldier's uniform for him to be buried in.

God Bless, Rev, and Godspeed.

Update: Funeral arrangements have been made; service will take place at A.J. Spears funeral home, 124 Western Ave. in Cambridge MA. Viewing will be from 9am-11am on Thursday, Oct. 11th, after which the Reverend will be carried in procession by his friends to his final resting place at Cambridge Cemetary on Coolidge. All those who knew him are encouraged to stop by to wish him well on this his last journey.