Well, I couldn't just leave it empty. In the Air Force's own words...from http://www.af.mil: (doctored by Yors uTrly:)

Operation Enduring Freedom Underway


Amid news reports that U.S. ground troops are aiding anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld flew to this Missouri air base today to meet B-2 Spirit bomber pilots and support crews.

Speaking to reporters en route here, Rumsfeld praised the air base's service members and declared that the B-2's more than 40-hour missions to Afghanistan are "amazing."

The secretary declined to give specifics on reported U.S. ground operations in Afghanistan. He noted that providing operations information about U.S. air attacks or the involvement of U.S. troops could imperil lives, missions and damage national security.

"What we've decided to do -- and I think with very good reason -- is to characterize what's going on as certain things taking place from the air and certain things from time to time coordinated with the ground," Rumsfeld said.

During his daylong visit to the Missouri base, Rumsfeld will meet with 509th Bomber Wing airmen and women. He will also receive briefings on the B-2, a $1.3-billion bomber that's been in service since 1993. B-2s have participated in several missions over Afghanistan in the war against terrorism.

The B-2 is a stealthy "flying wing" aircraft that has a two-pilot crew and a 6,000-mile range. Round-trip sorties from Whiteman to Afghanistan and back have taken 40 hours or more. Whiteman is the Air Force's only B-2 base. There are about 21 B-2s, all of which are in active units.