Today I received interesting new components of my life in mundane brown cardboard boxes.

The delivery driver called me on my cell phone to get directions to my house. They hadn't told me that the delivery was coming today, so I had to leave work and go home after a half-day in order to meet the truck and accept the shipment.


I like my job. I'm just deathly tired today. I couldn't get to sleep last night and ended up waking early when the telephone called. So the chance to nap at home was priceless. The ferrets and I curled up under the comforter (it just got cold here in New England) and achieved some high quality snooz. They only come sleep with me when it's cold and they're not used to it. They're so damn funny - waking up because Jerry (next to my ear) has yawned and stretched, brushing me with his claws, and then absent-mindedly nibbled on my earlobe a few times before curling back up into a tight ball and commencing to broadcast little, tiny ferret snores.

My life that arrived is my new office furniture from Herman Miller.

My problem is that I want to redo the carpets and paint in the room that is to be the office before setting up the gear; but the gear is taking up most of the hallway in its mundane brown cardboard box. I shall have to decide whether to try and get a painter and carpet contractor quickly, or just accept that I will have to move it again later, much as I don't want to. Still, it's wonderful to know that I'll have a room dedicated to work that is separate from the one dedicated to sleep. Both should become much more satisfying.

O Fortuna! My other great expectation arrived today as well via my friendly (yes, she is, actually) neighborhood UPS driver. My Venetian glassware, purchased on holiday weeks ago, has made the long cold trip across the Atlantic packed in an enormous quantity of styrofoam and straw. Unwrapping it takes twenty minutes, but at the end of it, I can place the two pieces lovingly on the table in the kitchen and just...stare at them. I will need to buy two small halogen fixtures to place above wherever I decide these preciousnesses are to live. Cranberry layered glass, vase and decanter...

Now I have more time in the day to fill, and nowt to do unless I go back to work - but it's already 4:00pm, and I was actually there by 8:30 this morning, and need more sleep.

Ben and Jerry just lifted noses above the covers and asked where the hell their bedwarming human is. It's always nice to be wanted, especially when single, fairly lonely and having a low self-image. Pets are great for that. As long as you have kibbles.