Today (well, tomorrow, but it's late) is the ::REDACTED:: anniversary of my arrival upon this rock. As such, it would be right and proper to spend tonight and today musing on things of vast significance to me and none at all to others.


Well, not so much, no. On the other hand, I have a small but personally important tidbit I wish to record for the later me who may one day go back through these daylogs. I wrote something today. I actually sat down without a plan in my head and watched something happen in my mind which I could (and did) then chronicle. It's an almost-forgotten feeling, really, one which I have been very carefully trying to cultivate. It's like breathing on frost blooms to make them grow; too much, too close, too warm, and pift! Gone.

Blogged it. Put it on another site. Didn't put it here because I hadn't written it here or for here - hopefully, that's next in line. Break the barrier, jack the wall, bring the noise, cliché number four.

With such small steps are large walls scaled.