That's an impressive list! A couple things to add, as requested...

In Moonraker, Bond was given a snazzy twenty-odd foot motorboat which featured rear-firing torpedoes, a mine dropper, and a built-in emergency escape hang glider. Q didn't get that one back. Also in Moonraker he used an x-ray safecracker and a miniature spy camera which had an embossed '007' on the front, with the lens in the middle digit. The lovely Doctor Goodhead, in the same film, was carrying a perfume bottle that acted as a nifty flamethrower, a purse which sprouted an aerial and made sideband noises indicating some form of secure radio, and something I can't remember which extruded an icepick blade or needle.

Although Q did get back the Lotus Esprit at the end of The Spy who Loved Me, it blew itself to smithereens in order to avoid being tampered with in the beginning of For Your Eyes Only. Upon seeing another Lotus in Q's lab later on in the movie, Bond remarks "Ah, I see you got the Lotus back together." Q responds with his trademark "It's not funny, 007."

Little Nellie, as aptly described above, is/was an autogyro.

In Live and Let Die, the 'compressed gas bullet' is actually a real anti-shark device. The intention is to kill the shark by suffocating it; the canister can be used on harpoon gun, spear gun or handheld spears. When the spear tip punctures the shark's skin (at least, you hope it does) the gas floods out the front. Shark hide is tough enough that most of it will be trapped beneath the skin, causing the shark to inflate a bit; while this is merely painful for the shark, it will cause it to float to the surface and make it impossible for the shark to swim. Unable to move to get water past its gills, and stranded on the surface, the shark will likely suffocate. Even if it escapes by dislodging the harpoon, it has given the user (diver) enough time to get the hell out of Dodge.

In Never say Never Again, Bond had a fountain pen that would fire its nib, which was an explosive shell.

In the incomparably awful License to Kill, starring the incomparably wrong Timothy Dalton, Bond has what seems to me to be an incomparably pointless gadget - a signature gun, which was a weapon which could only be fired by someone matching Bond's biometric signature. Now, lemme see...I guess the only way this could possibly come in handy is if:


Oh, well, if Q's lab is fair game...

Moonraker: Q had an explosive bolo under test at the same monastery which was testing the small-arms laser.

The World is Not Enough: Bond casually makes off with Q's retirement fishing mini-boat - which has jet thrusters, submerges, and has various weapons. R is forced to demonstrate Bond's inflatable coat/airbag, which turns up later in the film. A variant of this, the flytrap phonebooth (inflatable airbag traps occupant) also made two appearances - one when set off, one later being wheeled off with the unfortunate victim still inside.

One of my favorite non-Bond gadgets is Auric Goldfinger's Rolls-Royce. Although it really is a Rolls-Royce, its bodywork is made of pure gold. w00t. Thank goodness those things have mongo suspensions.