INFOSEC is also used to describe the work (and, IMHO, attitude) of a certain type of corporate systems security department. MITRE, for example, actually has a dept. named INFOSEC, which does for MITRE (ostensibly) what the above does for the CIC. It also purports to do INFOSEC related work for MITRE clients.

INFOSEC folks tend to look down on the longhaired hacker type with a rude T-Shirt. They tend to continue this even after said hacker type, applying for a job, has cracked five of their servers wirelessly from his Newton and is offering them a documented fix for this problem.

Of course, maybe they just don't like smartasses. Still, I had promised to fix the hole and not bring the Newton in to work.

Note: Hacker and cracked are used to emphasize the different words. So don't email me.