I am a huge fan of Gin and Tonics, especially on warm days. I am not particular about the ingredients, but while I enjoy the pretention factor of a Bombay Sapphire, I must say that Plymouth Gin is quite tasty, cheap, and boasts of being 'the oldest Gin in America' or some such - it is originally a mid-18th century English import. More power to it.

My value-added to this node (for what it's worth) is the following, and it's not original at all; I picked it up from some magazine recipe and cannot for the life of me remember where. It requires preparation in advance, but improves a gin and tonic immeasurably. This is it, and it's very simple:

...place tonic water in your ice trays, freeze it, and use that for your ice cubes in your drink.

That's it. The reason is that icemelt water will, in fact, cause a startlingly harsh change in the taste of both gin and tonic water. Using tonic water for the ice cube material eliminates this change in your drink.

Try it. I bet you like it.

Thanks to The Debutante for a correction re: Plymouth Gin. Lucky woman had a bottle, whereas I didn't while writing. Must fix that.