My favorite example of NJ's highway peculiarities is the mundane (you'd think) task of getting to Newark Airport by car, from New York City. Okay, so you're on the New Jersey Turnpike (shudder) heading south. Then the signs start.

Keep Right for Newark Airport

Okay, that looks promising...

Exit 14 - Newark Airport - Next Right

Cool, got this shit beat...(take the exit ramp for Newark)

Welcome to Newark Airport


Keep Right For Newark Airport

Huh? Okay, hang on, keeping right...

Welcome to Newark Airport


Next exit for Newark Airport

Oh, Mother, PLEEEASE, help meeeeeeeee....

...and finally, end up in Carteret/Rahway sniffing strange toluenes whilst furiously drumming on your forehead, while your uncaught flight to Hawaii lofts itself out of the airborne muck and thunders over your head. Find yourself that night locked into a closed and unlit IKEA, very closely akin to a Dali-esque nightmare...