Hmm. I was a typical Jew on Christmas. Spent time on E2, wandered around town, went out for Chinese food, and went to see a movie.

Well, I tried to see a movie. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was sold out for the next three shows! I've never seen such a swarm of the Chosen People in my life...apparently, the Lord Chose us all to go to the movies today.

In the Chinese restaurant where I had lunch, around half the tables were occupied. Someone sneezed and the whole restaurant shouted 'Gesundheit!' and then roared with laughter. This has happened to me every Christmas I can recall when I've gone out for Chinese food. It must be one of our Secret Yid Traditions.

I decided not to wait for the movie, and came home and played with the ferrets, drank a bit, and here I am on E2.

I feel as if I am with family and friends. Thanks, all.