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From Matter, we get the following.


  • MSV Don't Try This At Home
  • MSV Qualifier
  • ex-GOU Eight Rounds Rapid
  • GOU You'll Clean That Up Before You Leave
  • GCU Experiencing a Significant Gravitas Shortfall (reappearing from Look To Windward)
  • GCU It's My Party and I'll Sing If I Want To
  • GCU Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill
  • GCU Pure Big Mad Boat Man
  • GCU Transient Atmospheric Phenomenon
  • GCU You Naughty Monsters
  • GSV Seed Drill
  • GCV Subtle Shift in Emphasis
  • Stream-class Superlifter Liveware Problem
  • Erratic-class Now We Try It My Way
  • LSV Xenoglossicist


  • Comet-class star-cruiser Hence the Fortress
  • White Dwarf-class Hundredth Idiot, The


  • Cat.5 SwellHull "Fasilyce, Upon Waking"
  • Great Ship "Inspiral, Coalescence, Ringdown"
  • Cat.4 CleaveHull "On First Seeing Jhiriit"
  • Cat.3 SlimHull "Now, Turning to Reason, & Its Just Sweetness"

From Surface Detail:


  • LOU Me, I'm Counting
  • PS Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints (Abominator-class Picket Ship, Special Circumstances)
  • GSV Dressed Up To Party
  • GCU Bodhisattva OAQS. (on active Quietus service)
  • GSV Total Internal Reflection (Forgotten)
  • GSV Sense Amidst Madness, Wit Amidst Folly
  • Fixed Grin
  • Beastly to the Animals
  • Scar Glamour
  • Hylozoist
  • Weaponisationed Module Bliterator
  • Labtebricolephile (Eccentric)