I have found that Cubicle sniping, while an excellent way to maintain the proper office atmosphere, has one major drawback. Occasionally, lusers who do not understand the gestalt get involved, and won't stop when asked politely. Usually, "Hey, gimme a half hour, this fscking thing almost compiles" will bring an immediate (albeit quite temporary) cease-fire. However, as I said, every once in a while, there's someone who has to prove something.

Solution: I brought my paintball gun to the office, where it is mounted over my PC. There's no ammo in it, but there's a live air tank on it, and anyway, they don't know it's empty. After the first time I have to use it, it won't be.

I am the Cubicle Sniper. All I need is a laser sight...hmm...got a pointer here...(checks for Cybertool...)