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So, let's see if we can get a truly [comprehensive] list of all the computers that count as characters from [Sci-fi]. I hold a [robot] to be different from a [computer], because it's [mobile]; although they count as characters, their mobility [anthropomorphize]s them. Therefore, the fact that they are full characters isn't as interesting. So here's what I came up with off the top of my head. I'm mostly thinking of movies and TV; books are cool too!

Computer or A.I. [characters] in [Sci-fi]

  • Movies
    • [HAL-9000]. One of the most famous.
    • [SAL-9000]. His sister.
    • [The Master Control Program] a.k.a. [MCP] in [Tron].
    • [SKYNET] from the [Terminator] movies, despite not having any screen time.
    • [The Puppetmaster] a.k.a. [Project 2501] in [Ghost in the Shell].
    • [Colossus] - from the eponymous movie.
    • [The Matrix] (debatable)
    • [Mother] and [Father] - from the [Alien] movie series.
    • Bomb #20 from [Dark Star] ( Thanks [DejaMorgana])

  • Television
    • [ORAC] - smartass from [Blake's 7].
    • [Eddie the Shipboard Computer] - from [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy].
    • [Dr. Theophilus] - from the [Buck Rogers in the 25th Century] TV show (he wasn't mobile, he was a [frisbee]).
    • [Antikythera] - From [Dr. Who].
    • [Holly] - from [Red Dwarf].
    • [Joshua] - in War Games.
    • [K.I.T.T.] (and [K.A.R.R.]) from [Knight Rider], although this is on the edge, as they were mobile. (thanks [rootbeer77]!)
    • [Melchior], [Balthasar], and [Caspar] (spelling help from [lj] - thanks!) - from [Neon Genesis Evangelion].

  • Books
    • [Iain Banks]' [The Culture] gets its own [Culture ships|node]!
    • [Neuromancer] and [Wintermute] from [William Gibson]'s [Neuromancer]
    • [Continuity] from [Mona Lisa Overdrive] by [William Gibson] (thanks [Zerotime]!)
    • [AIVAS] from the [Pern] series by [Anne McCaffrey] (also from [Zerotime])
    • [Frost], [The Beta-Machine], [Divcom] and [Solcom] from [Roger Zelazny]'s excellent [For A Breath I Tarry].
    • [H.A.R.L.I.E.] from [When HARLIE was one]
    • [VISAR], [JEVEX] and [Zorac], the Shapieron's computer from [James P. Hogan]'s [Giants Trilogy].
    • [Cortana] from [Halo: the Fall of Reach] and the game [Halo] (Thanks [mirv]!)
    • [Jane] from the [Ender] trilogy.
    • [Aleph], [Memex] (aka HeyMex) and the [Adviser] (aka Mr Johnson) From Tom Maddox's superb novel [Halo].
    • [Mandrake] - Jack Butler's novel [Nightshade].
    • [Mycroft Holmes] - Heinlein's [The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress].
    • [Minerva], [Athene] and [Gay Deceiver] - [Time Enough For Love] and its sequels.
    • [The Librarian] - from [Snow Crash].
    • [Ghostwheel] - from the [Amber] series by Zelazny.
    • [AM] - in Harlan Ellison's [I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream].
    • The Central Computer ("[CC]") from John Varley's [Steel Beach].
    • [Master System] - from Jack L. Chalker's series, [The Rings of the Master].
    • [Big Boppers] - from [Rudy Rucker]'s Software, offers [eponymous].
    • The [First Sirian Bank] from [Terry Pratchett]'s book [The Dark Side of the Sun], contributed by [Zerotime].
    • [Melchizedek], the computer which runs [Salem] in the [manga] [Gun Dream], a.k.a. [Battle Angel Alita] (from [Glowing Fish]).
    • [Hex] from the [Discworld] series, also by Pratchett, contributed by [Uberbanana].
    • [Deep Thought] from [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy], since as [Uberbanana] points out he's got a (critical) speaking part.
    • [Hactar] from [Life, the Universe and Everything], according to [Oneiromancer] and [Polkovnik].
    • [The Solid State Entity] from Neverness, by Zindell, contributed by [auraseer].

  • [Games, RPG]
    • [The Computer] from [Paranoia!] (thanks again [mirv!])
    • [SHODAN] - [System Shock].
    • [Xerxes] - System Shock 2.
    • Ava Johnson, [Daedalus], [Icarus], [Helios] and [Morpheus] (thanks [Morkel]!) - AIs from [Deus Ex].
    • [Durandal] - he is the star in the [Marathon] FPS series for the Macintosh.

  • [Star Trek: TOS] gets its own section. See also [The Star Trek Project] for more/better info!
    • [M-5 Duotronic] - [The Ultimate Computer (TOS)]
    • [Landru] - [Return of the Archons (TOS)]
    • [Losira] - [That Which Survives (TOS)]
    • [Vaal] - [The Apple (TOS)]
    • [The Oracle] - [For the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky (TOS)]
    • [The Guardian Of Forever] - [The City on the Edge of Forever (TOS)]

  • Comics: Okay, we're drifting from Sci-Fi here.
    • The [Banana PC] from [Bloom County]. Borderline; despite having feet, he was clearly a computer.
    • The [iFruit] from [Foxtrot] (Thanks [Uberbanana]!
This list is deliberately sparse...add on!

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