Captain Haddock is Tintin's faithful companion in his adventures throughout the world. We originally met him in the book The Crab with the Golden Claws, where he was Captain of a freighter used for smuggling without his knowledge. Since then, he has come up in the world, using monies borrowed from Professor Calculus and Red Rackham's Treasure to purchase his ancestral homestead, Marlinspike Hall, outside London.

Captain Haddock's first name, apparently, is Archibald. His ancestor Sir Francis Haddock defeated the pirate Red Rackham in the Caribbean. The Captain (as he's known in the books) has a bit of an affinity for whisky, especially Loch Lomond. This can result in his being either unavailable or non compos mentis at critical moments, but he always manages to help bumble through in the end.