Not so much exciting today, but as it's Saturday, it's the first day in several weeks I could actually sleep in and declare myself with nothing to do (was on the road traveling for two weeks, then got home and immediately had to rush about to come here to Massachusetts). Oh, right, it's Passover, as well. But as a bad Jew, I'm celebrating my family Seder *next* weekend.

Tasks I've set myself for today are very prosaic. I'm learning to set actual tasks for the boring/trivial stuff just so I'm unable to convince myself I didn't get anything done.

  • Assemble the cheap desk I bought.
  • Procure a cheap desk chair to go with it.
  • Set up the scanner.
  • Scan in my receipts from the two-week trip out West so I can submit for expenses.
  • Study my flight manual.
  • Finish a project for work that I need to have done by Monday. much for "nothing to do"...damn. I shouldn't have slept in, I guess...