There's an excellent rant about this in one of Spider Robinson's books, Time Travelers Strictly Cash. In it, Mickey Finn, a large alien advance scout with cyborg superbod is expounding on what he's found most peculiar about Earth and human culture in general, and his answer is...bathrooms.

On the subject of the commode, he wonders aloud why on Earth an action as necessary and as pleasurable or relaxing as voiding waste should be relegated to the equivalent of a penal torture chair (pun mine, men)? Why not use technology for ergonomic seating (ergonomic for voiding, mind you) and gentle automatic cleansing, and in fact televisions or libraries available to the user (although that's achievable today).

He goes on to mention sink faucets, showers, and medicine cabinets (" is impossible to avoid spilling the entire contents in order to access the aspirins, especially when hung over") as further examples of humanity's decided technocultural stagnation.