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Greetings boils and ghouls!
It's your old pal, The Crypt Keeper here.
Come over to my CRYPT for another SIP from my CAULDRON OF SPEW, have you?
Well, I've got just the drink for you -- hee, hee, hee!
Here are dark and haunted tales to RATTLE YOUR BONES and leave you crying TEARS OF TERROR!
Hee, hee, hee!

Man lives in the sunlit world
of what he believes to be reality.
But, there is, unseen by most, an underworld,
a place that is just as real,
but not as brightly lit...

The darkside is always there,
waiting for us to enter,
waiting to enter us.

So until next time,
try to enjoy the daylight

What was the deal with the cryptkeeper? Was it a muppet, or a hard-up bag of bones?

The show was cool until all the current "movie stars" at that time started appearing. Brad Pitt??? Demi Moore??? What the F@#k???

When the show started shooting in England. With the exception of one (about vampires and zombies with the girl in the film "Little Big Voice" and TV's "Ab Fab"), the storylines and guest stars became boring.

i never watched this show.. but i just had to say that cryptkeeper gave me so many nightmares.. im scarred for life

They did it ... the Cryptkeeper and his right hand. I swear, that thing has to be the most annoying sack of crap I have had the misfortune to leave my eyes and ears vulnerable to. If I hear one more pun on the words: ghoul, dead, croak, or die, I swear I will hunt down the creator of this program and give him the biggest wedgie of his life. The tales were as scary as the Olson Twins, and the Cryptkeeper's puns were as funny as Bob Saget. So, basically, this program was a rip-off of Full House. Now THAT'S terrifying.

"Hello Boils and Gouls!" Tales Rules!!!!!!1 Even the Movies do!!!!!!

Tales from the crypt jumped back and forth.I mean that sometimes the stories were good but sometimes they were terribly boring.Tales from the Crypt was based on a series of horror comics that were popular in the early 50's,Tales from the Crypt,The Vault of Horror,and the Haunt of Fear as well as some other comics made by the same company(EC comics)like Shock Suspense Stories.These comics were quite popular but were all canceled within a few years because of a Senate Investigation into the content of comics that resulted in the comics code authority.The comics were quite good with but one real flaw.It seems when the writers of these stories were hard pressed for an idea they had a sort of fall back story.The fall back story is the story of a person wrongly killed that rises from the dead to bring some horrible death to there killers.It was used a number of times and was quite boring.I point this out because sometimes the TV show would use these stories and they were never good. Tales from the crypt was good sometimes but not good overall.

people who think this show jumped have made a GRAVE mistake and I'm DYING to tell them how wrong they are. I was watching an episode of it last FRIGHT!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger directed an episode of Tales from the Crypt and was hanging out with the crypt keeper.

Those two movies "Demon Knight" and "Bordello of Blood" were just marketing ploys that carry the TftC insignia.