The Citroen 2CV is hardly the most speedy car in existance, with a flat-out speed of barely over 70 mph.

Until, of course, some genius/idiot put a V8 into it.

At first sight this 2CV with the typical corrugated iron bonnet looks like a restored period car with 16 hp under the bonnet. Only the width of the rear tyres and the deep growl of the motor reveal that it is really a wolf in sheep's clothing. Don't be mistaken however.
The idea of putting a hideously powerful 8-cylindered, 280 hp, 5.7 litre Oldsmobile power plant into a car originally weighing around half a ton and would scare most people.

The fact that it can tail gate a car at 90, then roar past as he overtakes, and the fact that its top speed of 115 is purely because the roof threatens to detach from the car (estimated top speed of 150) would scare pretty much everyone else.