Exclusive: e2 is Hello Kitty, who is gay, has had Oral sex off his mother and is confused about Experience and Noding.
Hello? Anyone there?
http://onastick.net/sitz/images/ I believe that pretty much sums it up.

Are you Hello Kitty?
A kitten as big as three small apples.

So what is this? Is this some way of communicating with fictional characters?
So after a few short weeks living in New Orleans, I ended up on Bourbon St. during the Southern Decadence festival.

What's the 'Southern Decadence' festival, then?
Festival held in New Orleans the third week of each August, I believe, it is gay New Orleans' Mardi Gras and a huge husband hunting weekend all in one.

Ah. So Hello Kitty is gay?
A kitten as big as three small apples.

I take it that means that sex is tricky.
Please don't waste your votes on me.

What? Are you running for politicall office or something? Or is this about the e2 experience?
My mom has conveniently forgotten that she ever used expressions like this, or that any of the circumstances surrounding the use of it ever happened.

Your mom is a e2er?

Why does that make you feel sick?
chicken noodle soup and oral sex

Oh. That's what your mother gave you?
A song by the australian comedy group DAAS

Anything else?
that's really my problem, I mean, I kind of love her and consider her my best friend anyway, but she just has these bad traits that tend to get overwhelming sometimes.

Right. Can we leave the subject of your mum to another day, please?
This is the boring answering machine message, and if I was calling you for the first time, I would probably never call again.

This is all a figment of my imagination.
So it's a race to see who can make the 70,000th node.

I thought you weren't an XP junkie.
Nicole Oresme serves as a good example for the state of natural philosophy during the middle ages.

I've got to leave you.
See them all standing in a row!

Yeah. Whatever. Bye...
*connection lost*