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In the year 1934...

  • The Chinese [Red Army] begins the so-called "[Long March]."
  • The "[Dust Bowl]" reaches its zenith as a massive [dust storm] sweeps across the great plans [May 11]-[May 12|12], burying the city of [Chicago] under a foot of dust and ultimately depositing dust as far away as [Boston].

These people were born in 1934:

  • Russian cosmonaut [Yuri Gagari], first human to travel to outer space.
  • American consumer activist [Ralph Nader].
  • English zoologist [Jane Goodall].
  • Italian fashion designer [Georgio Armani].
  • Italian actress [Sophia Loren].
  • English actress Dame [Judi Dench].
  • American astronomer [Carl Sagan].
  • American baseball legend [Hank Aaron].
  • Puerto Rican baseball legend [Roberto Clemente].
  • American baseball great [Al Kaline].
  • American basketball great [Bill Russell].
  • American basketball great [Elgin Baylor].
  • American television journalist [Sam Donaldson].
  • American writer [Harlan Ellison].
  • American blues harmonica player [Junior Wells].
  • The [Dionne Quintuplets], the first quintuplets ever to survive through birth.
  • [Donald Duck], who makes his first appearance in the animated short "[The Wise Little Hen]."

These people died in 1934:

  • German president [Paul von Hindenburg], clearing [Adolph Hitler]'s path to absolute power.
  • Austrian Chancellor [Englebert Dolfuss], assassinated in a failed Nazi coup, paving the way for a German takeover of Austria.
  • American bank robbers [Bonnie and Clyde], ambushed and shot dead by lawmen.
  • American gangster [John Dillinger], gunned down by lawmen.
  • English composer [Gustav Holst].
  • American baseball great [John McGraw].

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