You know what they say about homophobes.

When they say it, however, they don't explain something important: where did the internalized homophobia come from in the first place?

What they say (in case you don't know) is this: latent homosexuals have repressed their homosexual urges because of homophobia; they then try to prove their sincerity -- as heterosexuals -- by being homophobic. This in turn causes the next generation of homosexuals to repress their urges, and you stop and you turn and you go for a ride.

Put another way, homophobes are people trying to hide their true feelings because of an environment of homophobia created by people trying to hide their true feelings.

So there must have been someone, at some point, who genuinely didn't like homosexuality. An actual straight person who simply had a dislike, and caused this chain reaction of repression and persecution.

An alternate hypothesis may be that latent homosexuals resent patent homosexuals for tempting them to do this horrible, evil thing. The write-up still holds.

Thank you, dem bones, for your advice.

Since Everything is not a BBS, this is not a response to the previous write-up, much of which I in fact agree with, or at least approve of.