I don't usually (er, never) use Dream Logs (which sound unpleasantly like a food product). However, I feel I should warn any potential inventors...

As usual, my dreams contain extremely complex mixtures of situations, overlapping and intertwining. One 'scene' that sticks in the mind is me trying to phone my friend's mobile (cellphone, then!) and due to inebriation (or stupidity) failing repeatedly to get the number right.

Irritating enough, you might think, but this constant faliure tripped some sort of evil mechanism. A female voice started to try and talk me out of dialing the same number for the 10th time as if I were a toddler...In other words, this was a (not-inconcievable) scheme to dissuade young children from picking up the phone and calling people. (Obviously, it would be impossible to create such a scheme to determine whether you have repeatedly misdialled - it was a dream OK!)

Obviously, I then went on to continue the coach trip and accept some large, round, flat, meringues from a blonde widow. Normal stuff. However, if anyone invents such a mechanism in the future (and I find myself drunkenly dialing someone's number) I will make them very, very sorry. :)