Today I am finally level 2. I know its probably not a big deal to most of the noders out there, but its sort of been a goal of mine since I signed up. I've wanted to be able to vote on writeups ever since I got here. Today, I've finally hit level 2, so within 24 hours I'll be able to function as a real member of this community.

If there's a few things I've learned in my few months here on e2, its the following:

  • Never node about noding (breaking that one right now.)
  • Writing daylogs is a surefire way to drop your merit (... Breaking that one as well)
  • Proofread at least three times as much as you would on an essay you would turn in for class. (Yeah, its a daylog. I'm going to break that one as well.)
  • Don't make lists (oops again)
  • Downvotes are more informative than upvotes, because people who downvote you are more likely to tell you what's wrong with your writing.
  • Finding an area of expertise helps the reputation of your nodes tremendously.
  • Even in daylogs, never get whiny.
  • When writing daylogs, hide them.
  • Learn when you've gone too far on a list.
  • Its easier to maintain a higher rep with factual nodes than basing your rep entirely on other's opinions.
My plans for level three? I plan on taking it a lot slower. Since I finally feel like I'm a member of the community rather than just a node grunt striving to become one, I can relax. I plan on writing more factual nodes. I plan on shifting my focus more towards music, as those seem to be my best writeups. Furthermore, since I'm no longer working towards a goal of numbers, I'll begin weeding out my crappy writeups that nobody likes anyway.