A GIR is also a vodka based drink. Its recently created, and shall soon be the rave of South Tucson.

Mixing instructions: decidedly easy. Take your highball glass, fill just under half of it with Grey Goose. This seems like a lot, I know, but thats part of the insanity. Next fill the glass with the aformentioned grapefruit juice.

The beautiful beautiful thing about this drink is its capability to make studying happen quicker.

If mixed correctly, the drink will be pink. Just a shade or two under GIR's eyes when saluting and proclaiming "YES SIR!" If it tastes off to you, then you made it wrong. Chug, and try again so as to not fail.

Obviously, G.I.R. stands for Grapefruit Juice In Really-neat-alcohol. However after two or three, you are guaranteed to ask everyone around you "whats the G stand for?"

The name GIR was decided on, as its just wacky enough to be good, its tasty enough that girls will like it, and what better fruit to suit a small green robotic dog than a grapefruit? (And if you say Kiwi.... so help me. *shakes fist*)

If made with more precise measurements, as well as Skyy Vodka, this drink is a Blue Dog

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