Celtic land of spirits. Also referred to as Faeryland and Tir na nÓg. Generally seen as a land not unlike our own, but where life is seperated out into constituent elements (such as fire, water, earth, air, as well as things like joy, youth, certain species of animals, glass, etc.).

Many living travelers ventured into the Otherworld in Celtic tales. Some entered by the trickery of the faeries, while others specifically set out on a voyage, or immram. Some examples of these are the wanderings of Bran the Blessed, Saint Brendan, and Maelduin.

The Otherworld, while often viewed by mortals as a paradise, is not necessarily an eternal resting place for the souls of the dead. They almost always choose to be reborn into one form or another. Even the mortal travelers who found their way to Faeryland felt a strong desire to return to the temporal world, but often took magical items or great wisdom with them.