The Million Dollar Facility is the nick name of the latrine building for the Special Forces trainees at Camp Mackall in North Carolina. The building is easily recognizable to anyone entering the camp because it has two enormous hot water heaters just to the west of it. The tanks are heated by solar panels and are easily eight hundred gallons each, which means there is a lot of hot water.

But, the Special Warfare Center is not without a sick, fucked-up sense of humor.

There are 36 industrial size sinks that line the outer walls of the white latrine building and these sinks are used by the Special Forces candidates to wash laundry and TA-50. The sinks only run hot water. The toilets only flush hot water. The showers only spray hot water. When the first hundred and fifty candidates are allowed to use the Million Dollar Facility all at once, the hot water goes fast and leaves the remaining three hundred and fifty candidates to wash laundry, shower, and shave in cold water.

There is usually no toilet paper in any of the stalls, but there is no shortage of graffiti degrading the instructors and their mothers. The toilets themselves have a habit of backing up and coating the floor with fetid nastiness. The sinks are also placed very low on the walls which makes it a chore to rinse your razor while one is shaving.

To get to the Million Dollar Facility candidates must run across a football field size bed of jagged black rock that is at least eight inches deep. In the sun the rocks make the journey miserably hot and time-consuming, but the Million Dollar facility does at least cast shade.