The HTML below, placed in your notelet nodelet, will give you a button that displays whatever text you have selected in an alert box.

This is useful for reading things on E2 that have been hidden via nested <small> tags - just highlight the unreadable text and hit the button.

Note that in all versions you can save precious notelet space by altering the button text from 'De-small' to something shorter of your choosing.

Internet Explorer & Mozilla & Netscape

If you're not pushed for space in your notelet nodelet, this version will work in IE and Mozilla and Netscape:

<button onclick="A=document;alert(A.all?A.selection.createRange().text:A.getSelection())">De-small</button>

Platform specific

If you want it to be lean and mean (and be nice to the E2 servers!), use one of these:

Internet Explorer

<button onclick="alert(document.selection.createRange().text)">De-small</button>

Mozilla & Netscape

<button onclick="alert(document.getSelection())">De-small</button>

(thanks ariels!)

Help required

jmn32 reports that it doesn't work on Mac IE5 - it pops up an empty alert box. I have no access to a Mac - can anyone out there in Mac-land fix this?

RPGeek reports that the Moz version works with Konqueror 3.2 but not with earlier versions.

Updates for other browsers are most welcome.