I recall having seen her (with my mother sitting beside me) on television on MuchMusic. I was flipping channel to channel and just happened to have glanced at the video, Silent All these Years. In the video was this red-haired girl in which I instantly became fond of. Her voice in song was soft and calming. The simplicity of her notes played through the piano could bring down mighty beasts. I was in deep admiration of her lips as she spoke of her lyrics. Mezmerized by her image momentarily, my senses came back about the instant my shyness kicked-in and had thought of it to be embarrassing to like someone on television that much in front of my own mother. However, when she asked for the channel again, we apparently enjoyed the rest of the video and thus the song.

That same week, or perhaps the second week after, I decided to buy a Tori Amos CD, along with a bunch of Belinda Carlisle CDs. To my surprise, there were two. Under the Pink had just been released, and Little Earthquakes was still available.

After having listened to her work, I was in awe. The moment I found out that she was playing at Massey Hall in Toronto in a solo performance, I instantly sought after two tickets. Words cannot express the feeling I had during and even after the concert. It was pretty close to a spiritual orgasm.

Now years later, I have an enormous collection of her CDs. singles, limited editions, rarities, imported works as well as interviews, books, videotapes, boxes and posters. And still, she brings a chill to my spine and a comfort to my heart like the first time I've seen her on television.