The one-year anniversary is coming up fast.

It's been 11 months - the exact time it took for me to wait for my new car.
My friend, whom have asked me to provide him with information on places to go in Ottawa is going to be married sometime soon. He wanted the information so that he can plan his whole itinery with his girl. I told him of the places in the Gatineaus - places I've been with her. Luskville, on top of the rock (where our most passionate kiss took place) is where he will be doing the deed.

It could have been us.

Alas, I cannot hope for a better past. Too busy for nostalgia. But I still leaf through the maps of the Gatineaus online at work, recalling all that we've done in those times, those past six years.

My heart fills with warmth, knowing that I can achieve these types of memories with another person.

I appreciate my life.