After being purchased and bailed-out (due to financial troubles) by General Motors in 1993, the SAAB models underwent a drastic redesign. They continued with an aerodynamic quality to their body design and styling. The car was engineered to be 25% stiffer than its predecessor. The interior was also upgraded to give it a "pilot's cockpit" feel. How appropriate since SAAB also builds fighter jets.

In 1997, SAAB made another marketing move by changing the names of their model. What was previously known as the 900 is now known as the 9-3. The SAAB 9000 was also discontinued and replaced by the SAAB 9-5 Aero and AeroWagon.

Despite the availability of firm leather seats, the overall quality of the cars are somewhat questionable. Electronics components tended to fail frequently and some of their plastics seem a bit "cheap". Their resale value is among the lowest of all cars.

On the good side, its safety features are immpecable. With a stiffer body, the SAAB can withstand rollovers without problems. Its performance is best illustrated with an All-Wheel Drive version of the 9-3 Coupe that recently won the Pike's Peak Hillclimbing Competition sporting 770HP.

The commercial SAAB comes equipped with a 185 HP Turbocharged V6 "EcoPower" engine.

MSRP starts around $43,000.00 CDN