Today has got to be one of the fastest commutes of my life. I got to work in record time! I couldn't believe that I was going at about 160km/h through a good section of the 407! Normally, there would be too many cars out there and even a big bottleneck before Highway 27. I guess some people chose to stay home or go christmas shopping.

8:30 to 8:55am EST
As I said, my commute was fast and furious. BT's Namistai was playing in the background as I imagined myself in a World Rally-Cross race. Only, I'm not in a race, I'm in a commute. This song does it to me every time. My adrenalin is pumping, I flash my high beams at drivers in the fast lane when they slow me down to a measly 120km/h. I can't get enough speed! When two of them move, I see two kilometres ahead of me down the highway.
The tachometer whispers to me: Rev higher.
The speedometer commands me: Go faster.
So I find myself accelerating to 160km/h. I still look in my mirrors and far ahead to make sure there are no police cars watching my every move. As I reach great speed, my mind is in meditation, my right foot is happy, my hands caresses the steering wheel and I feel my seat hugging me like my Love. The music, the sounds of the engine and exhaust and the wind streaming by puts me into divine ecstasy.

(I almost have an orgasm.)