With this writeup, I thee wed to be on the next level, after Acolyte. What is the next level?

I don't know, but it's 9:52 am EST and my brain hasn't even started delivering neurons to the network yet. It's such a blah day i don't even have enough energy to get upset over some stupid driver today cutting me off on the off-ramp.

I spent last night driving from Ottawa to Toronto, after visiting my Love. I left around 7:30pm. Unfortunately, somewhere 100km outside of Toronto, someone decided that they should block the entire highway and fix something on the road. I was supposed to be home by 11:30pm last night, but instead, I experienced a full stop, had shut my car down and everything for a full ten minutes because there was too much traffic on the detour. What a way to end the weekend. I was so tired after finally arriving home at 1:00am, that when I came home, I just head up to my room and crashed. And this morning, waking up from the sleep wasn't so refreshing either.

Why would anyone want a car to win, especially a used one? That's what they did on CFNY 102.1, people on the phone telling their sob stories and begging for the car. Don't people realize cars are so troublesome and they drain so much energy? The upkeep, the insurance, the lease cost or the purchase cost. I'm really considering just buying the most high-end bicycle I can get my hands on and just ride that everywhere, even though riding to work would mean going through 40km of traffic!

I am just so tired, I'm already planning to get home early.

Welp, another level up, but not for today which sucks. I hate delays.

I hate traffic. I hate having to drive so much and for so long. I hate looking half-asleep and glazed when I come to work and allowing others to make fun of me. I hate the commute. I hate this job sometimes.

Today is a good day to die.

Nah..maybe next life.