Anxiety rules the day. I have a few decisions still to make:

1. Shall I go ahead with the small claims court suit or should I not? This is a big dilemma, because although I would love nothing better than to get my money back, I am weary about having to go to court for it. Anything about the law makes me uncomfortable. On top of that, I'd have to see her in these unfavourable terms - something I'll have to bear.

2. What shall I do with my traffic ticket? This was issued to me a while back in Quebec. Apparently the officer had thought I passed a car on the right. What actually happened was that I was passing a car on the left when the car on the left had slowed.'s complicated. I received a court notice for that a couple of weeks ago. I have a few choices:

a) State that the court date is too long from the offence date. Thus, it would be difficult to prepare my case because of the loss of some memory to the events.

b) Use the local POINTTS. These guys are either ex-cops or have connections that can get people off cases. They usually make deals with the Crown Attorney.

c) Pay it off and altogether avoid having to go to court, but risk having my insurance premiums go up. And since I'm going to be getting an SVT Focus in March of next year, I'll probably do it after then. I might be able to avoid it.

3. After trying to rotate my own tires yesterday by buying a hydraulic floor-jack and then ruining a small part of the underbody of my body kit, I gave up. Okay, so it didn't go smoothly like I wanted. And with further investigation of the front two tires, I finally decided I needed to change them. This sucks! Now I have to spend $300.00 on tires I'll be giving back in February. Well, the least I can do is to run them nicely in the snow. I can't wait.

I finally got some smiles from some more eligible women last night on the personal website. I'm dearly interested in this woman who's 35 years old - that's 7 years older than me. Her eyes are the most beautiful I've seen since perusing over all the profiles. I must admit, some of her attractiveness is due partly because she looks a little bit like Tori Amos. But in all seriousness, it was the sense of humour she displayed in her written profile that drew me more to her. I wrote her an e-mail last night. I am waiting for a response.

Unfortunately, she's all the way in Montreal. I'd have to do the LDR thing again if she is also interested in me. Just my luck. It always happens that the best things are the most difficult to obtain, isn't it? But I guess, despite this particular downside, there are other girls interested in me. Amazing what a better picture can do for a person's self-esteem!