So it has started once again.

A performance that was once spectacular will be yet again revived, but not in the same way. We plan on reaching our goal this time.

We were inspired in the Sheraton Fallsview in Niagara Falls. Jim Janz was speaking his heart to us, telling his story about counselling a best friend of his, serving other people while driving to a meeting with a third party in the backseat. As he shared with us, a tear nearly left his eyes. They were glimmering in the spotlight behind his glasses.

His income exceeded that of $19 million/year and it was apparent why that was. During his talk, our hearts lept out and up, attracted to his sincere gestures and smile.

Others had said "It won't work", but time proved them wrong since he joined at the age of 22 years. Now everyone wants what he's got.

We made a promise to ourselves that day. And as we thought more about it, it felt more real to be coming true.

"Big decisions are made at big meetings."

So be it.