Ugh! No fair! I wanted to be on the Everything Snapshot! There's no way of getting on it now since the writeup has passed. And I have too much work to do for me to stay on long enough to appear on the snapshot.

Anyways, for some reason, I do the following routine every day when I arrive at work:

1. Set-up my laptop.
2. Turn on my laptop.
3. Once logged in, I check to see if my Love is online in MSN Messenger.
4. I check my company e-mail on Lotus Notes.
5. I check my e-mail
6. I peruse the weather and horoscope information on Excite.
7. I then check out to get the latest on Ford's News.
8. And finally, Everything 2 (here) gets my full attention.

By the end of this routine, it's almost 10 am EST! I still haven't started my work! But once I start feeling guilty, or at least some sort of urgency, the work begins.

The good thing is that on really busy days, I don't even go through this routine! I guess this routine is a good indicator for the impending state of my day.

It's strange that some people consider sitting in front of a computer all day, every day, work, as opposed to actually having some sort of athletic, physical action (like moving boxes).

10:16am EST
I imagine how my life was last year still being in university, trying to complete my last year of studies. I then imagine how horrible it must be for the current students in that school to stress over little, miniscule and worldly-insignificant things and how good it is for me not to be in that situation in trying to kiss some professor's ass.